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Visual Perception Of The Human Body Are Vision, Audition,...

The five senses of the human body are vision, audition, olfaction, gustation, and somatosensory. Vision is the sense dealing with sight. Vision is most sensitive to light. The main part of our vision comes through our eyes and is processed through our brain. Audition is the sense of hearing. Audition is obtained through our ears picking up vibrations and processing the sounds we hear. Olfaction is the sense of smelling. Olfaction occurs through our olfactory receptor neurons being stimulated by a certain chemical in the air and being sent to our brain to process what we smell. Gustation is the sense of tasting. Gustation involves our tongue and the taste buds on that which have receptor cells in them. The final sense is the somatosensory†¦show more content†¦Because more experienced players would obviously do better than novice players in performing tasks. They were given a series of task and the blurred part of their vision was changed, to see whether the players were affec ted or not. The experiment found that blur always altered the pattern of eye movements before it decreased task performance. â€Å"The skilled players had the capacity to alter their attentional focus to rely on peripheral visual information when the central vision no longer supported task performance†. (Abernethy) The experiment also found that the more experienced players could rely more on their peripheral vision then the less experienced players could. The second article was titled, â€Å"The role of clarity and blur in guiding visual attention in photographs†, they conducted this experiment to see if the viewer’s gaze can be guided by the selective use of image clarity and blur. In this experiment participants looked at twelve pictures and studied them and then were shown

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Enthalpy of Atomization Definition (Chemistry)

Enthalpy of atomization is the amount of enthalpy change when a compounds bonds are broken and the component elements are reduced to individual atoms. Enthalpy of atomization is always a positive value and never a negative number.Enthalpy of atomization is denoted by the symbol ΔHa. How Enthalpy of Atomization Is Calculated If pressure is held constant, enthalpy change equals the change in the internal energy of a system. So, enthalpy of atomization equals the sum of the enthalpies of fusion and vaporization. For example, for the diatomic molecule chlorine gas (Cl2), the enthalpy of atomization under standard conditions is simply the bond energy of Cl2. All that is needed to atomize the substance is to break the bonds between gaseous molecules. For sodium (Na) metal at standard conditions, atomization requires separating atoms joined by metallic bonds. The enthalpy of atomization is the sum of the enthalpy of fusion and the enthalpy of vaporization of sodium. For any elemental solid, the enthalpy of atomization is the same as the enthalpy of sublimation. Related Term Standard enthalpy of atomization is the enthalpy change that occurs when one mole of a sample is dissociated into its atoms under standard conditions of 298.15 K temperature and 1 bar of pressure.

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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Early Reflections Free Essays

What I’ve written below are the sorts of things you could think up as you develop your own reflective reading journal based on your own â€Å"interpretations† or â€Å"reading† of the text and issues that arise in class discussion. Themes that underly â€Å"The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time† 1) a study of an adolescent boy isolated from normal inclusion in society because of Asperger’s Syndrome 2) A mystery about the slaying/murder/slaughter of a dog 3) A study of a broken family – betrayed trust ) The curse of limited means – working class status or struggling financially and the pressures that brings A study of: †¢ Relationships †¢ Pressures of life †¢ Society’s attitude to those who are â€Å"different† or clearly intellectually handicapped †¢ How things taken for granted by conventional or â€Å"rank-and-file† society are confronting for those marginalised groups without reli able social support networks or with limited trust networks What are the ramifications of the novel – what moral lessons does it provide – about how we should could consider the disabled more sensitively? It also examines the importance of roles of authority (eg police, teachers, parents) for people who rely heavily on clear parameters of hierarchy and role expectations for them to maintain a sense of security and the fulfilment of expectations. Whereas we can most frequently â€Å"read† people’s emotions from the tone of their voice and visual cues (ie facial expressions, body stance, arm gestures), someone like Christopher Boone is not afforded that luxury Consequently, he is confronted with difficulties associated with taking words upon a â€Å"too literal meaning†. We will write a custom essay sample on Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Early Reflections or any similar topic only for you Order Now Furthermore, his understanding of what is normal and his interpretation of reality is different from that of other people. He lives in a virtual â€Å"emotional cocoon† like Rain Man †¦. Christopher Boone is a reliable narrator in-so-far as he is meticulous in his recollections of detail and specific events. None of his recollections are tainted by his own vested interests or prejudices. However, his account is noticeably naive because he is completely oblivious to the shenanigans that have occurred in his street and involving his parents. He has no understanding of the tension that existed in his parents’ marriage. Furthermore, although he can recall various tantrums and spats, he is unable to make any subsequent links between those and empathy (understanding the way other people feel) with the stress they felt nor an demonstrate an awareness of the way in which his specifically taxing condition contributed to their circumstances. That is not to say, however, that Christopher Boone is totally to blame. There are the aspects of his parents’ character, their social status and their lack of affluence which leaves them short of the necessary acumen nor understanding of welfare that may have been available to help them through their trying circumstances. Therefore, the account provided us, although factually correct, leaves ample scope for us to read between the lines and to form our own interpretations about the character of those other people including Siobhan, Mrs Anderson, the policemen, Mr Mrs Sheers, and Christopher’s parents. Haddon leaves these textual gaps for us to fill admirably. How to cite Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Early Reflections, Essay examples

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Linux Companies Essay Example

Linux Companies Essay LINUX COMPANIES 1. Quintet solutions National Residency Complex, Edappally, Kochi-24, Kerala, INDIA [emailprotected] com +91-484-4055472 2. Vipoint solutions 3. Spark supportWindows Engineer SparkSupport Infotech Pvt Ltd. 3rd Floor, Leela Infopark Phase II, Kochi-30, Kerala, India Phone:+91 484 6561696 [emailprotected] com 4. Ideamine technologies Linux System Engineer (1 3 years) 111/347-B, PTRA 106, First floor, P T Road, Chembumukku, Kochi 682021 Kerala, India [pic]  91-484-4044362 [emailprotected] com 5. Armia 6. Admin ahead First Floor, Image Arcade | |Airport-Seaport Road | |Kakkanad | |Cochin 682037 | |Kerala , India | [emailprotected] com 7. Admod technologies 8. Syntrio technologies 9. N dimensionz 10. On mobile 11. Hash root 12. Hashcod 13. BVS technologies 14. Rmesi 15. X Minds 16. OOPS Matrix (Denoct) 17. KSWAN 18. Vanilla networks 19. Sequires 20. Aigensolutions 21. Xieles 22. Webhostrepo 23. Supportsages 24. Servadm 25. Logicsupport 6. Bobcares 27. Bigserversolutio ns 28. Cliffsupport 29. Liquidsupport 30. Supportlobby 31. Best value Support 32. Supportresort 33. Asteriskssoft 34. Igloo 35. Takira solutions 36. Active Lobby NB:These are the companies i know. You do one thing search the contact number of these companies in google and call them and say that you heard about some vacancies there. Then they will give their mail id or will say to come directly to their company. Before that study DNS,DHCP,HTTP server,mail server, all port numbers,basic commands,hardlink,softlink,nice value,find,grep,pipe,all configuration files,mysql port number etc†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦

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Joseph Pulitzer essays

Joseph Pulitzer essays Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10, 1847, in Mako, Hungary. His father was a wealthy grain merchant of Jewish origin. His mother was a devout Roman Catholic of German roots. He had one younger brother, Albert, who trained for the priesthood, but never attained it. Joseph was educated in Budapest, under the training of private tutors and specialized schools. At age 17, Pulitzer attempted to enlist in the Austrian Army, Napoleons Foreign Legion, and the British Army, but was rejected by all three because of his poor eyesight and frail body. In Hamberg, Germany, he encountered a bounty recruiter for the United States army who allowed him to enlist as a substitute for a draftee. He served one year in the Lincoln Calvary during the Civil War. This regiment suited him as it was composed primarily of Germans. Pulitzer still spoke very little English at the time. After his stint as a soldier, Pulitzer traveled to St. Louis, where he worked several odd jobs, including baggage handler, waiter, and muleteer. While working these odd jobs, Pulitzer immersed himself in English and law studies at the Mercantile library. There, he became acquainted with two editors of the leading German-language daily paper, Westliche Post. They offered him a job, and at age 25 he became an editor. Four years later, Pulitzer was the owner of the paper, which after several shrewd business deals became the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. That same year, he married Kate Davis, a prominent Washington socialite. Pulitzer revamped the Post-Dispatch, immersing himself in every detail of the paper. He appealed to popular opinion by printing investigative articles exposing corruption, government scandals, and gambling. Shortly after, he acquired The New York World. As he did with the Post-Dispatch, Pulitzer resuscitated the ailing paper, making it the largest circulating newspaper in the country. Pulitzers tireless effort paid off in n...

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The war on typos - Emphasis

The war on typos The war on typos Blimey! Great to see such a fantastic response to our proofreading challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered. Best of all, its proof positive that theres a ready platoon of gung-ho proofreaders out there who love the smell of Tipp-Ex in the morning. At ease, soldiers. Be sure to come back on Monday, though: well be announcing the winners.

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Sociological Imagination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sociological Imagination - Essay Example According to Robert Weiss, there are two types of loneliness. In social isolation, a person feels deprived of a network of friends or relatives; in emotional isolation, a person feels deprived of a single, intense relationship. These two kinds of loneliness share a common emotional core, and there is some debate about how clearly they can be distinguished (Russell et al., 1984). Either one can be momentary or a long-lasting characteristic of the individual. Emotional Isolation often strikes the war veterans at the same time as social anxiety and depression. Like social anxiety, emotional isolation and depression are characterized by the deliberating pattern of social interaction. Social anxiety comes in two varieties. The state of social anxiety is a momentary experience that flares up at a certain time or in a certain place, and then passes. The trait of social anxiety is more enduring: a characteristic of certain individuals that persists over time and across situations. For those chronically afflicted, their anxiety locks them into increasingly unpleasant social interactions. Such individuals tend to reject other people, perhaps because they fear being rejected themselves. They are withdrawn and ineffective in social interactions, perhaps because they perceive negative reactions even where there are none. In fact, however, other people often do react negatively to interactions with socially anxious individuals. Feelings of social discomfort can arise from a number of sources. They can be a learned reaction of to unpleasant encounters, as social problems in the past contribute to social anxiety about the future. That is why, it has often been seen that war veterans usually suffer anxiety. Depression: Depression is a psychological disorder characterized by negative moods, low esteem, pessimism, lack of initiative, and slowed thought process. Although there are numerous influences on depression, social psychologists have paid particular attention to the role of cognitive factors. Researchers believed that depression is caused due to the exposure to uncontrollable, aversive stimulation. They proposed that organisms exposed to an uncontrollable event learn something- namely that control is not possible. Faced with this knowledge, they stop trying to exert control even in a different situation. That is the case of war veterans. They have seen too much cruelty, huge toll of human lives, immense loss of property and resources, heinous and inhuman war crimes; and above-all the aftermath-miseries, diseases and moral decay, over which they have no control whatsoever. This feeling of